My prophetic message to the western mainline

Especially to clergy:

Work less. Delegate more.
Love your family. Keep the Sabbath holy.
When it comes to the concrete tasks of mission,
have less answers and more conversations.
You are not a CEO shackled to a bottom line.
You are a leader of a missional community,
of people called to make God’s love present
through their selves, souls and bodies,
through their ideas, input, commitment, and (as needed) money.
Mission cannot be driven by the consolidation of power,
but by the collective buy-in
of a common vision and common action:
it is what *we* do because it is who *we* are.

And it is only who we are because it is who God is.
So the pressure’s off:
you are not the Good Shepherd
and you never will be.
It’s not up to you to keep the Church/your parish alive.
There is One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism,
One Sustainer and Giver of Life.
He is unflappably gathering and feeding his flock,
of which you are a part,
and in which are called to take part
in His work of gathering and empowering.
May we, His sheep, be open to His voice.


Published by Matthew Neugebauer

MA in Theology, Anglican, Star Wars #Prequelist, Toronto FC Supporter

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