Monday (Sunday) notebook: Fan Expo, unlimited

Fan Expo Canada this year was always going to be smaller than previous years. The organizers knew it was limited by the circumstances, and leaned into that.

But here’s what can’t be limited: getting to know people. If you know me but aren’t so sure what this fan convention thing is about, maybe concerned that I spend time and $$ on toys and movies, think of it rather that I’m taking the time to get to know real people in the real world, spending time with them and meeting them.

And finally, thanks to vaccinations and masks, thanks to our commitment to beating this pandemic, we can finally meet in person. To all the folks I met for the first time, especially those I’ve only chatted with on Instagram: thanks for saying hi, for being good with me coming up and introducing myself.

To the folks I’ve known for a few years: good seeing ya this weekend, and May the Force Be With You.

To my mom (who’ll read this on Facebook): words cannot express how grateful I am that you raised me with these stories. Live Long and Prosper.

And to the organizers, staff and volunteers at Fan Expo: you did it. You actually pulled it off amidst all these challenges. Thank you for reminding us that we continue to be #UnitedByFandom. See ya at Toronto Comicon in March.

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