Hello there! My name is Matthew Neugebauer. I’m a Canadian Anglican who loves writing, teaching, liturgy, and thinking about the Church after Christendom. I have an MA in Theology and a variety of ministry experiences. I am currently studying Professional Writing and Communications at Humber College. Star Wars and Toronto FC are my second and third religions, and I mean that literally.

“We who are many, are one body”

I am all about connections: between worldviews and political events, or between a moment in a sci-fi novel and a character in a streaming show, or a passage in a Sacred text and a scene in a film. I’ve spent a number of years in Anglican ministry positions, and have a good grasp of the Star Wars fandom and Canadian soccer scenes. I am open to new opportunities as I look to build bridges into those worlds.

Because at heart, I am all about making connections with real people. I am genuinely interested in your story, your work, your hopes and your passions. The fandom communities I have joined may revolve around shared fictional narratives or a game on a field, but they are firstly about getting to know and celebrate with the people we encounter.

Good writing tells the story of these connections and forges new ones in the reading. I am great at plain language, thanks to my experience writing for speech to a consistent audience. I build connections through writing and active listening, thanks to my extensive experience in community leadership. If you would like to connect with me to write a new story, feel free to contact me at matthewneugebauer@gmail.com, or at any of my social media accounts to your left.