Hello there! My name is Matthew Neugebauer. I have an MA in Theology, I’m a Canadian Anglican who loves preaching, teaching, liturgy, and thinking about the Church after Christendom. Star Wars and Toronto FC are my second and third religions, and I mean that literally.

You are the light of the world.

We are all called to a public life, to be a part of society, to contribute meaningfully to the “welfare of the city.” Some people may be more or less gifted in expressing their message than others, but we have all been given something to say, something be about.

There are too many signals out there that would tell you that to share this message, to share yourself in a way that draws the attention of others, is inherently selfish and prideful. But that isn’t what Jesus tells us. Yes, the name of this site is absolutely a quote from Yoda’s lesson to Luke on Dagobah, but that lesson is tied in nicely with Jesus’ own words on the Mountain.

“Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter.” “You are the light of the world: a city on a hill cannot be hidden.” That light is the love and wisdom of God, which binds us together, gathers us to Him as a redeemed people. To share this light is the opposite of selfishness.: it “brings glory to our Father in Heaven.”

Luminous Beings is one of my outlets, a house in this “city on a hill” that is the word of grace and hope given to me to share with the world. It’s also true that what you’re reading is literally light, shining on your computer or your device. The darkness around us seems to grow as another empire flickers out, and the massive technological revolution spurred by that empire has played a part in that darkness. But if the Church is to continue on as “doers of the Word” and keepers of the light, it must embrace the digital spaces created by that technological revolution as the reality of the world, the city whose welfare we are called to seek. So let your light shine, and give glory to God.

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