Monday (Sunday) notebook: Fan Expo, unlimited

Fan Expo Canada this year was always going to be smaller than previous years. The organizers knew it was limited by the circumstances, and leaned into that. But here’s what can’t be limited: getting to know people. If you know me but aren’t so sure what this fan convention thing is about, maybe concerned that IContinue reading “Monday (Sunday) notebook: Fan Expo, unlimited”

Tuesday (Thursday) notebook: “Calm” before the Con

Tuesday (Thursday) notebook: Calm Before the Con 2021. It’s actually happening. I can’t believe I’ll finally get to go to a Con, for the first time in over two years! (Yes there was the Fan Expo Christmas market in December 2019, but that doesn’t reallllly count…) Fan Expo Limited Edition 2021 won’t be the sameContinue reading “Tuesday (Thursday) notebook: “Calm” before the Con”

Monday notebook: Pull list endings and beginnings

This week saw two endings and a beginning, all three of them involving my favourite franchises that start with “Star.” IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five completed its audacious endeavour to not only write a coherent comic story, but purport to conclude the entire Original Series television show. It imagines that the final months of Kirk’s,Continue reading “Monday notebook: Pull list endings and beginnings”

Tuesday notebook: Star Wars Canon and History

The first scene of The Bad Batch, the Lego Specials and Visions have got me thinking about why I enjoy canon continuity so much. Not so much the actual stories but the conversations they often bring up. I’ve spoken my piece about it before, especially the way I experience comics and novels having the sameContinue reading “Tuesday notebook: Star Wars Canon and History”

Tuesday notebook: Vernestra Rwoh, relatable prodigy

I hope to have separate outlets for fandom and soccer writing, but for now I’ll keep them here. *spoilers for Justina Ireland’s Out of the Shadows* Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh could have been annoyingly unrealistic. I think we’re meant to think it’s a little ridiculous for a 16/17-year-old to be elevated to knighthood, much lessContinue reading “Tuesday notebook: Vernestra Rwoh, relatable prodigy”

Monday notebook: False and True prophets

Here I go again. Another writing discipline. It may be rough but it’s here. Let’s do this. Yesterday’s Gospel reading, combined with a fine sermon from the associate priest, got me thinking about the prophetic office and vocation. (We did the Feast of the Dedication so the readings are different.) Well, to be fair, aContinue reading “Monday notebook: False and True prophets”

My prophetic message to the western mainline

Especially to clergy: Work less. Delegate more.Love your family. Keep the Sabbath holy.When it comes to the concrete tasks of mission,have less answers and more conversations.You are not a CEO shackled to a bottom line.You are a leader of a missional community,of people called to make God’s love presentthrough their selves, souls and bodies,through theirContinue reading “My prophetic message to the western mainline”

“The medium is the message”

Missional Community in our digital age “The medium is the message.” This insight by professor Marshall McLuhan began as some “inside baseball” of communications theory. But it was so profound, and so resonant with our late-modern experience, that it’s now a household phrase. And to prove the point, its popularity in Canada probably owes moreContinue reading ““The medium is the message””