Monday notebook: How Life Works

Featured image: Hey this is a serious post, so I have to balance it with some levity! Source: imgur/michaelscotchtape How Life Works All the way into young adulthood, I was told a lot about how life doesn’t work: You can’t always get what you want: that’s not how life works.You can’t presume everything you believeContinue reading “Monday notebook: How Life Works”

Monday (Sunday) notebook: Fan Expo, unlimited

Fan Expo Canada this year was always going to be smaller than previous years. The organizers knew it was limited by the circumstances, and leaned into that. But here’s what can’t be limited: getting to know people. If you know me but aren’t so sure what this fan convention thing is about, maybe concerned that IContinue reading “Monday (Sunday) notebook: Fan Expo, unlimited”

Monday notebook: Pull list endings and beginnings

This week saw two endings and a beginning, all three of them involving my favourite franchises that start with “Star.” IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five completed its audacious endeavour to not only write a coherent comic story, but purport to conclude the entire Original Series television show. It imagines that the final months of Kirk’s,Continue reading “Monday notebook: Pull list endings and beginnings”

Monday notebook: False and True prophets

Yesterday’s Gospel reading, combined with a fine sermon from the associate priest, got me thinking about the prophetic office and vocation. (We did the Feast of the Dedication so the readings are different.) Well, to be fair, a lot of things prompt me to think about the prophetic vocation these days. Jesus sure does rootContinue reading “Monday notebook: False and True prophets”