Tuesday notebook: What I’ve learned so far

Forest and Trees A number of people have asked me what I’ve learned this semester. Not a knock on the program, but my first instinct is to respond with something like, “I’ll see in a few months.” I’m still in the trees, even though the clearing is just ahead with its helicopter waiting. In aContinue reading “Tuesday notebook: What I’ve learned so far”

Tuesday (Thursday) notebook: “Calm” before the Con

Tuesday (Thursday) notebook: Calm Before the Con 2021. It’s actually happening. I can’t believe I’ll finally get to go to a Con, for the first time in over two years! (Yes there was the Fan Expo Christmas market in December 2019, but that doesn’t reallllly count…) Fan Expo Limited Edition 2021 won’t be the sameContinue reading “Tuesday (Thursday) notebook: “Calm” before the Con”

Tuesday notebook: Star Wars Canon and History

The first scene of The Bad Batch, the Lego Specials and Visions have got me thinking about why I enjoy canon continuity so much. Not so much the actual stories but the conversations they often bring up. I’ve spoken my piece about it before, especially the way I experience comics and novels having the sameContinue reading “Tuesday notebook: Star Wars Canon and History”

Tuesday notebook: Vernestra Rwoh, relatable prodigy

I hope to have separate outlets for fandom and soccer writing, but for now I’ll keep them here. *spoilers for Justina Ireland’s Out of the Shadows* Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh could have been annoyingly unrealistic. I think we’re meant to think it’s a little ridiculous for a 16/17-year-old to be elevated to knighthood, much lessContinue reading “Tuesday notebook: Vernestra Rwoh, relatable prodigy”